The picture says “ski”, but the words say “bike”

Well, since I know a big Sea Otter blog is coming, now seems like a good time to test. What I’m testing is my ability to use my brand spanking new Posterous blog tool to “post once / publish and share to infinity” – including to CWC blog. So, I guess this blog needs to be about bikes. Here are the top of mind thoughts, more detailed posts to come on each of these topics:

  1. I did a structured off season training program this winter for the first time. I lost some weight. And some power I think. Am I any better?
  2. I have not raced yet this year – but some is coming in May! Must answer question in “a”.
  3. I just got power – well not really – just the ability to measure the power I have. Well, sort of. My Garmin showed peak watts of 46,000 for my first ride on Saturday. I’m pretty sure that is not accurate cuz then instead of being a flailing around Masters guy I would be soft pedaling grand tours and demolishing the field in the process.
  4. I have an all time high of a shitshow on the bike front – including my first TT bike. I asked for it. Adventure, fun. Cardboard. Bike parts. Searches for headsets to blank carbon frames purchased in the online equivalent of back of truck in an alley. I asked for it.
  5. I really do love riding bikes. But this weekend I’m going for some adventure Ski Mountaineering style on the Eastside . . . trying to bag my annual 14er climb/ski on Mt. Tyndall + some other objectives.
  6. This ski season has been so good. I’m going to keep posting ski related photos until I have something cool on bikes.

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