Ride/Road Report: Donner Pass and Donner Lake Good To Go. Watch for marmots.


[Caption: Crappy picture.  Clean road. North Shore Donner Lake + Carson Range]

Spring in the Sierra, one day a foot of snow is all over the ground and roads, the next it is bare and dry and sunny and beautiful.  I snuck out for a lunchtime ride on Wednesday and the west Truckee roads and weather were surprisingly good.  Props to Truckee road crews the street cleaners who were working overtime or something and seriously the bike lanes and roads were cleaner than mid-summer . . . sure it was in the 50’s and north winds but, whatever.  Tahoe Donner, Donner Lake, Donner Pass/old highway 40 all awesome.  Combine w/ sick weather forecast this weekend and road season on Truckee is officially on. 


[Caption: Ride bike.  Scope Lines.  Sugar Bowl.]

Super cool riding up Donner Pass w/ 10 foot snow drifts and sick ski lines staring you in the face . . . getting stoked for next weekend’s final ski mission (either to Eastside or Schlassen combo).  Also, I almost ran over a marmot (the actual animal, not the brand) descending Donner Pass at 40mph.  It was big enough I was a little spooked.  Squirrels I figure I roll right through . . . kind of gruesome and I don’t want to hit a squirrel, or anything else for that matter, but I don’t worry about crashing because of a squirrel.  HOLD THE LINE.  Marmot, different story.  Gotta be on your game those dudes are super active in the spring.  If you’re out climbing in the Sierra, watch your stash.  One tried to pimp my Clif Bar on the top of Mt Gibbs a few years ago while I snapped some photos.


[Caption: Road Conditions Old Highway 40 W of Donner Pass 7k feet]