Apple Fritter Gel (almost)

I had a sampler of this stuff from some race later year kicking around in my bag . . . threw it in my pocket a month ago for a ride that I started bonking on at the end . . . pulled out the packet and savored, yes savored and milked that gel packet, for 15 miles . . . memories of apple fritter doughnuts (my favorite) danced in my brain it was wonderful.

So, when I saw the super tanker on sale recently from I pulled the trigger.  It?s not quite as good as I remember ? barely.  Which is to say, I love it.  If I melted a cube of butter into my flask full of this stuff it really would be a liquefied apple fritter.

Unofficial list of best apple fritters:

a.       Donut place in bishop that recently went out of business or moved or something (as of May, gone ? used to count on this to fuel a few days in the High Sierra crevice . . .  they would get better the more they got crushed in your pack and frozen at night and baked during day,etc. . . . sometimes I would have some nuggets left over when I got home and I?d put this nasty looking bag on the counter full of 3 day old mutilated doughnut . . . and that thing would get hit hard by the family who couldn?t resist!)

b.      Treat Box, Truckee, CA.  Equal to size of at least 3 regular doughnuts, but only the cost of two.  Value!  And because the Apple Fritter has fruit in it that means it is good for you.

Tanker of Liquid Doughnut