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CWC Racing is on year two of our column in the local paper (The Sierra Sun) . . . the week two column is up check it out here or right below below if you want the hyperlinks to work (trying to get them fixed w/ the Sun, too) — the message is solid even if this week’s author is a tool.

Spoke ‘N Words: Trail crews work and play twice a week all summer

By Andy Scott, special to the Sierra Sun

We’ve all been there — you get psyched to join a trail crew and do some building or maintenance and give back/pay back. But somehow between that motivation to do something and actually getting it done, the excuses and barriers mount and you never do anything. You take and take from the resource (trails) and never give anything back. Karmicly bankrupt, you get flat tires, fly over the bars, bonk, lose your dog, get eaten by bugs, etc.

Well, Truckee Trails Foundation ( in partnership with Tahoe Donner Land Trust ( has created the solution that will enable you to join a crew, build the karma and have some fun. They are organizing local crews every Wednesday and Saturday all summer long — check it out at Here are the top excuses historically and how GoodDirtyFun blows them away … make it happen and I’ll see you out there!

Excuse: Scheduling — I can’t figure out how to fit it into my busy schedule because trail work is so ad hoc and random.

Solution: EVERY Wednesday and EVERY Saturday all summer. Same time. Plan it out. If weekends don’t work do a Wednesday evening. If weekdays don’t work do a Saturday. Check the website for meeting locations.

Excuse: I don’t really know where I should go.

Solution: Meeting places are posted on the website in advance, just show up!

Excuse: I don’t know what I’m doing, don’t have tools, etc.

Solution: All crews have trained leaders and they won’t even charge you for the valuable knowledge transfer. Bonus: Annoy your hiking/biking mates next time out with an ongoing critique of the trail build.

Excuse: I don’t want to go out there by myself I might get attacked by a bear/coyote/marmot/etc.

Solution: Go out with others and be slightly faster than just one other person. OR, get educated about how you’re more likely to fall into a hole in Donner Pass Road and be lost forever than come to harm from the local wildlife.

Excuse: I never get a hard hat or T-shirt or other goodies for my effort.

Solution: These goodies are provided for volunteers no kidding! Bonus: Wear your hardhat around your yard and laugh at the squirrel who might otherwise cut a nut on your dome.

Excuse: There aren’t any fun post work-session activities planned.

Solution: Every Wednesday the crew hits Cottonwood where it is Happy Hour ALL NIGHT for crew members. Every Saturday the crew hits a house on Donner Lake for a BBQ. Nice!

Team rider Andy Scott is the author of this week’s Cyclepaths/Wild Cherries Racing column. Cyclepaths/Wild Cherries Racing ( is a Truckee-based cycling team focused on racing and local bike advocacy.