Tonight’s the Night – New Belgium Clips of Faith Beer & Film Festival!

CWC Racing will be manning the bike valet and drinking I mean pouring beers tonight at this event . . . come on out should be a blast and supporting a great cause . . .



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Sent: Friday, July 30, 2010 8:39 AM
Subject: Tonight’s the Night – New Belgium Clips of Faith Beer & Film Festival!





Dear Trails Supporters:


The Truckee Trails Foundation is so excited to have New Belgium back in town for this fun new event!   Come try some of the brewery’s newest and hard-to-find beers (as well as old favorites), and watch a selection of fantastic short amateur film clips on cycling, kayaking, and even a spaghetti western thrown in!  There is no admission fee to enter the event or view the films, just the cost of beer and food.   All beer proceeds benefit the Truckee Trails Foundation!



When:                                     Tonight! 

Time:                                      7:30 – 10:30 p.m. (films begin at dark)

Where:                                    Truckee River Regional Park: Chief Truckee Lawn

Other tips:                             Outside food is welcome, alcohol is not (leave that to New Belgium)

                                                Bring low chairs or blankets – or lounge on the grass!

High 5’s to All Who Ride!!!

(bike valet available)






Truckee Trails Foundation

PO Box 1751

Truckee, CA 96160




Great Tahoe Flume Race

Pretty cool maybe my head was under a rock but this was a surprise.

Concept for September Saturday:

  1. Flume Race
  2. Family beach/beer/bbq session / swimming in Tahoe
  3. College Football
  4. Post Labor Day – limited Tourists/Crowds!

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Subject: [renowheelmen] Great Tahoe Flume Race [1 Attachment]

This is what you have all been waiting for.  The Flume Race flier is done.  Online Reg is all set-up.  It opens August 1st at Midnight EST, which is 9pm Pacific Time on Saturday.

Also, don’t forget Race #3 in the Nevada Cup, the Sky Tavern Classic on August 14.  See for info.

Standby for current Nevada Cup standings.

Great Tahoe Flume Race

Pretty cool maybe my head was under a rock but this was a surprise. 

Concept for September Saturday:

a.     Flume Race

b.     Family beach/beer/bbq session / swimming in Tahoe

c.     College Football

d.     Post Labor Day – limited Tourists/Crowds!

From: [] On Behalf Of Kevin Joell
Sent: Friday, July 30, 2010 12:05 AM
Subject: [renowheelmen] Great Tahoe Flume Race [1 Attachment]


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This is what you have all been waiting for.  The Flume Race flier is done.  Online Reg is all set-up.  It opens August 1st at Midnight EST, which is 9pm Pacific Time on Saturday. 

Also, don’t forget Race #3 in the Nevada Cup, the Sky Tavern Classic on August 14.  See for info.

Standby for current Nevada Cup standings.



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Cascade Classic Race Report (Elite 3’s)

I did my first ‘real’ stage race this last weekend in the Bend area.  I raced the 3’s while 4 teammates raced 2’s (Jesse won that wow more detail at coming if not already posted!  Sick!).  Amazing weekend for the team, great crew – huge props and thanks for the team and their SO’s for all of the support – even though I didn’t have any teammates in my Cat I don’t think I would have made the result I ended up with without them . . .

Cat 3 Report:

Stage 1 (day one): rolling 72 mile Road Race with climb at the end

  • 90 man field – bigger than I am used to  . . . start out hard on a ~600 foot climb I am thinking what are these guys doing or am I the sucker?
  • 6 man break gets away 20 miles in, field goes to pleasure cruise pace, break opens 3? 4? Minute gap . . . ride mid pack, dodge a big pile up, can’t move up in the big field not used to it riders wall to wall, etc.
  • After crash get to front and start doing some tempo w/ a few other guys but nobody really working . . .again start to feel like the sucker
  • Mile 50 road starts to tip up in rollers . . . strong guy attacks off the front . . . mile 53ish another strong looking guy goes and I say what the hell I’m here to race and chase him
  • We bridge to initial bridger and start working together well and ‘climb’ starts in earnest at least I am racing now can I hold the pace, etc. we’ll see
  • We start picking off remnants of the break on the climb . . . then ‘hissssss’ . . . not me!  bummer for guy in my group . . . two of us press on
  • 10k to go another joins us from the field and he is hammering . . . puts me in the red and I wonder if I can hang till the end . . . 2’s are ahead of us and we pass Conrad who flatted twice crap luck . . . he whispers some encouragement something about nailing the other two in my group and I can only blubber about being in red and hanging one
  • The three of us make the flat 1k finish together and make a three up sprint through dodgy cones in the Mt Bachelor parking lot – I recover a bit and think 2nd in my group is mine until 50m before finish almost crash in a kooky coned u-turn sit up and take 4th on stage (1 guy stayed away by a few seconds from original break)
  • End up within 20 seconds of the three ahead of me after time bonuses factored
  • Jesse is in yellow after winning the 2’s by a minute . . . awesome spin back to cars mostly downhill, pretty stoked to be there for sure


Jesse and the Cat 2 crew after Stage One


Longboard Louie’s Delivers the Fuel


We hit this place 3 times . . . so good, pay by the ounce.  Justin won with an 18 ounce effort.


Stage 2 (morning day two): out uphill and back downhill 16 mile time trial

  • Mad wrenching w/ *huge* help from teammates to get cranks and 55t ring on TT bike
  • Head out for ‘race of truth’ with Conrad’s rear disc given his GC is blown from crap luck the prior day . . . I am happy, but realize I will have no TT ‘gear excuses’ – I am pimped!  It is my daughter’s fourth birthday bringing into stark relief all the crap my wife and kids put up with to live with a bike nerd/amateur bike racer (come on, compression/recovery socks don’t look sweet around the house?  Sorry about that grease on the light switch . . . I can’t eat that I am a Cat 3 bike racer! Yeah the garage does look like 10 year old boys blew up a ‘real bike shop’ sorry . . . sorry hon I fell asleep with the kids while putting them down cuz I was cooked from day job and riding bike and missed dinner and now it is 9pm good night).  Anyway Cascade is my ‘top event/goal’ for the year so promise myself the least I can do is use Keira inspiration/self-imposed guilt/feeling lucky to have such a rad family/etc. to eek everything out of my body
  • Drill it on the TT and don’t get passed by top 3 (reverse start order) and pass 4 or 5 guys (30 sec start splits) . . . screw up my lap timing so not sure exactly on my time but feel like I left it all on course if pain was any indicator . . . and Keira did help me pass time deep in the pain cave multiple times during the event so that must be good for something?
  • No immediate results . . . gotta wait


TT Inspiration!  Thanks Keira (at her 4th b-day party which she was kind enough to delay until Monday)

Stage 3 (afternoon day two): 40 minute 4-corner criterium

  • Mad wrenching to re set-up cranks and 53t ring before crit
  • Pancake recovery lunch, nice!
  • Go spin for 20 minutes from house (which was *perfect* location in terms of race venues, nice work Jesse!) . . .stop back at house and results from Stage Two are posted online and team informs me I won the TT and am first in GC . . . and oh yeah I have to get my ass to the race for podium/yellow jersey or suffer race org wrath and maybe some $$ or time penalties
  • Benefits of yellow become clear at Crit start when I am called up for podium, wrapped like a sausage in a yellow jersey over my team kit (what was I gonna do w/ it I stepped off podium to the crit!) .  .  . anyway I get to start at front which I’m really happy about
  • Pretty comfortable ride in the crit I just wanted a pack finish and no crashes or mechanicals and got all of those w/ some but not crazy effort covering a few attacks . . . narrowly dodged a crash . . . ended up 12th so one stage to do to defend and 33 seconds on 2nd and 43 seconds on 3rd


After the Crit the pic I sent to Megan




Morning before Stage 4 looking to defend 2 yellow . . .


Stage 4 (morning day three): 4 X 17 mile circuits on hilly road circuit race

  • Now the “no teammates” comes home to roost . . . ouch . . . on advice from crew have top 10 riders and time gaps taped to top tube on bike . . . attack after attack on first lap especially from 3rd place on the climbs putting me in pain, pain, pain . . . really hoping the pace has to mellow some I can’t cover everything from everyone . . . make the fateful decision to let 7th place at 2:36 go solo into the second lap to try and bridge to the early 5 man break . . . hope he blows up . . . business maxim of “hope is not a strategy” is ringing hard in my head
  • Well, I get my stupid wish and the group mellows on the second lap – letting the break get 2:45 and I’ve lost the GC lead on the road nice . . . go to the front on the 3rd lap and thankfully get a couple guys to ride hard with me and by the end of 3rd lap the break is down to 45 sec . . . phew . . . until . . .
  • . . . I pay for race efforts so far as I can’t cover attack by 2nd and 5th place riders who attack and bridge to the remnants of the break . . . they have 45 seconds (and 10/8/6 sec time bonuses for 1st 2nd 3rd place on the stage) . . . I have 10 miles and two climbs and again am really up against it . . . ride at the front and get no help at this point everyone knows I have and am losing everything so it is on me . . . decide I have to attack the field and try to bridge and recover before the 2 climbs late in the race . . . teammate Nick’s words from the night before “race like there is *no way* you will lose the GC” are now ringing in my head . . . here we go get the gap and put my head down and go deep, deep, deep but can see I’m crossing the gap . . . make the bridge in five minutes and am freaking out too much to realize now the deck is in my favor this was the right move as I can mostly sit in while the break races for the stage and I am safe so long as 2nd can’t blow me away on the climbs or 3rd (the best climber) doesn’t pull something out of his butt . . .
  • Of course 3rd bridges on the 1st finish climb now I am really going to sit in and save it but at least the other guys in the break have to chase 3rd if he attacks
  • We stay together (well, four of us) through the last climb . . . 2nd place crosses a wheel and crashes really sad I hope he is ok he didn’t finish . . . 5th place attacks at 2k and stays away by a couple seconds and  I take second on the stage and the GC win
  • Maybe the hardest physical race for me ever, *definitely* the hardest emotionally/mentally/cumulative 2:48 I’ve ever spent on a bike . . . also of course the best!  Bike racing is awesome.


home 2nd place in the final stage and the overall GC

I’m a big “journey not the destination” guy – but in this case the destination is pretty sweet as well . . . imminent upgrade means a whole new level of comp and humbling to know that my 4 teammates in the 2’s probably would have beat me in this race so not hard to have perspective on the beautiful drive home . . . and if that wasn’t enough, my day job Monday morning said hello w/ a reality smack down . . . but the sweetest and most tangible perspective of all was Keira’s 4th b-day party which we rocked Monday evening with grandparents and cousins and all of it . . . and I didn’t hesitate to get in on a second piece of cake.

Final Results Index (Stages and GC):


Me and the Cat 2 bad-ass mo-fo’s borrowing podium for a group shot after Stage 4


My Stage 4 top tube cheat sheet – thanks Nate!


Beautiful drive home . . .