2011 Resolutions (a start): Don’t climb/ski any more 14’ers in storms

[Note: Doing some media/blog/hosting consolidation on Posterous, so pardon any old/repeat shizz you might see below, hey that is another resolution ‘don’t shotgun all over the interwebs in a non-connected way’, consolidate and invest, more to come on this sigh]

The last two years my Spring Eastside pilgrimages have been more like mid-winter.  In 2011, here’s to being warm, good viz, not getting lost, not dodging sluff-alanches in big coolies, avoiding snow-dusted scree fields, and basking in warmth and sun w/ beers at camp.  Or not, I’ll go anyway, I won’t get to totally call my shots (see: dayjob, family, #restoflife).  That being said, skiing cold smoke in April at 14k is pretty cool, too.  

2010 Tyndall: 

Pics/Report: http://andyscott.posterous.com/mt-tyndall-superbowl-trip-report

2009 Langley:

Pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/70237431@N00/sets/72157616639505311/

Video (below, rookie style, ff the ‘dark’ if you want)