Tahoe Weekend BC Report: Yes there can be too much snow. No there can’t be too much beauty.

Strange weekend.  Found myself solo and in town for most of it neither which had been planned, but that is a long and different story.  Squaw pass blacked out Saturday and that place full of drooling goons (this place is dead anyway!).  8 feet of fresh in the Backcountry . . . hmmm.

Saturday: Quick Truckee local hit hike w Chris.  Soul crushing skinning.  Props to Bro and Ron for putting in 2 hours.  Made it a little past where they stopped, for some decent turns.  But you really needed to be on 30 degree plus maybe even 35 to ski it, bottomless.  And then you were just plain spooked about avy if you were on that, even though we didn’t see/feel/hear any instability signs.  I knew the pack was a little upside down w/ dense on sugar and 8 feet is 8 feet! Was on 117 under foot, full alpine boots/Dukes, the sidecountry set-up, not the BC set-up. Ripped feet to hell. Meh.  Enjoyed novelty and hanging w/ Chris and stunning beauty and challenge of climb.  Here is the trench.  I mean track.  Had to skin up to go 300 flat meters on the exit!!


What inspired you this week?


  • My teammates on http://www.marcprostarva.com racing team won a bunch of races this weekend at the Pro 1/2 level (see prior link for blogs/etc. on that).  The wins were not the inspiring part, the work that I know they put in and laying it on the line in competition is what fires me up.  Bike racing is such a life metaphor, love it.  Teammates throwing down and showing benefits of hard work. Justin:



  • My bro (older) turned 42.  He’s an inspiration for life.
  • The earthquake.  Well, I don’t have a seminal moment of observed heroism that really inspired me here, although I’m sure there were many.  So I guess this was more about perspective than anything else but it was jumbled into this mix anyway
  • People in New York.  Not every business meeting or interaction was sweet.  But on the whole always energizing.  And in particular at least 4 specific business meetings with a mix of candidates to join  my company http://www.140proof.com and prospective partners and clients that remind me why I love building Internet/Digital Media businesses.
  • Split Mountain.  This years top of list 14’er to climb/ski.  Got some dates and crew and route roughed out this week.  It is such a privilege to even have the chance to make something like ski alpinism a part of my life.  I love this quote from Reinhold Messner and love noodling introspectively on why: “Mountains are not fair or unfair, they are just dangerous”.  Couple shots from the http://tetonat.com crew:



Full TR from these cats is here, nice one: http://www.tetonat.com/2010/04/28/eastern-sierra-at-split-mountain/