People are crazy, especially bike racers


I’ve long suspected high OCD index to bike racers and endurance athletes in general.  The structured training, control, attempts to bring order and predictability to the magic and mystery of the body machine.  Does OCD take you there, to the racing . . . Or does it develop as a result of experience in the system (and getting your ass handed to you in the local race).  Anyway, a deeper dive for another day.


Below, I present to you a post (which I’ve made anonymous) from a bike racing/training forum which I troll.  Just one example of the lengths to which people will go — we are talking amateur racers!! Arm and Hammer, get some.


Here is the excerpt from the post — to be clear I didn’t write this oi!!!


In the past couple weeks I’ve been experimenting with sodium
bicarbonate (baking soda) to help buffer acid for longer intervals and
I’ve had some good numbers lately, possibly from the bicarbonate or it
could be a number of other variables, I’m not really sure. I’ve used
sodium bicarbonate once before for a 1 minute interval to see if my
stomach could handle it, and I ended up setting a new power record, so
I think it works for anaerobic efforts, just like it’s supposed to.
But after reading about how it improves LT efforts when loading long
term, I decided to give it a try. The chronic load calls for 3-5 days
of use before the event, or you can do a chronic load for training to
increase training wattage. This calls for 3-4 doses a week (every
week). Both these loads call for 0.4g sodium bicarbonate/kg body
weight. Has anyone heard of this before? Are my good intervals just
coincidental or is there any proven research or field-tested results
from using baking soda for LT efforts? Also, are the long term health
concerns not worth it? (7200 mg of sodium every other day). Thanks



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