Grab your chips, we're skiin' to Reno


Most seasons offer a window or two of cold storms that open up Eastside/Euro ski possibilities in terms of long 5k+ feet of fall line skiing on quality snow.  Tahoe is great, but the relief just isn’t there (Tahoe is at 6200′, peaks are 9ish, math is easy).   The window is decidely slammed shut right now with the recent hot storms — but just last weekend we were skiing 5k foot pow runs to Reno. Cold storms set it up, a little motivation and figuring your game out puts you in position.  No treasure map here, just treasure.


That is Tahoe, visible from the starting zone high in the Carson Range




See, it was cold. Where are we Wyoming!




The most popular shots are  gobbled up by 431 highway shoppers and Mt. Rose Ski Area refugees.  But as always, emptiness and untracked are right there given requisite experience, skills, and willingness to “see what’s over there” — oh yeah and the mind/body/gear to climb the f out if things go sideways (I am not advocating dropping in when you don’t know what is up as a general rule, and am advocating if you do drop in when you don’t know make sure you are prepared to get out from whence you came!).  Fortunately the skier population that possesses this mind/skill set is still about .00003%, talk about “all the people in the BC” be damned.  I call that “all the people at road side attractions and well-known tick list descents”.  Oh, to rant and rave!

Mellow pow turns . . .




Then a fun cliffy/rock band exploration . . .


And that was only the first 2k feet!

We started the morning in Truckee, drove to the top of Mt. Rose Highway, climbed maybe 750 feet, dropped 3k towards Reno, climbed 1.5k to lap a zone that had to be skied twice, then dropped the rest of the way to Reno, got in a car and cracked a beer at 11am and was back at my car before sunday school let out.   7000k of untracked bluebird hero pow for 2k of climbing?  I think I climbed for an hour, which was about the wait for a ride on KT over the same weekend for 25% of the vert and 13,000 times the people competing for a fresh line.

Like this.  (Friend of friend who actually makes tele turns and shuttled from Reno.  Thanks!  I predict AT within 2 years based on gear/face plant issues he experienced later in the day.  Happens.)


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