Sea Otter Circuit Race M123 35+

Sea Otter Circuit Race Masters 35+ 123

Well, if you want to read about bike racing, you should check out Justin Rossi’s report from the Pro 12 Circuit Race. I’m more excited about his race (and 7th place slugging it out with the big boys nice!) and Spencer Collom’s Cat 3 solo victory than my own race.  However, if you want to hear a 40 year old dude ramble a little keep goin ;-)

This was my first race of the year, the field was surprisingly (and disappointingly) small.  However I’ve done the Circuit race before and ripping around Laguna Seca racetrack with perfect pavement and banked corners and the corkscrew descent at 50mph is a hell of a good ride and in those respects the race did not disappoint.  Which is to say, after we soft-pedaled the first lap and got passed by the Masters 45+ field a dude took off on a flier.  Who can blame him?  I toyed with looking to bridge but thought about the road race the next day and figured an hour at Threshold was probably not my best move.  So I passed on that idea and we proceeded to pump up the climb, bomb the descent and tempo around the course for a few laps and I figured I was going to get a good L6 interval workout if nothing else.  That is pretty much what transpired, we reeled in the solo breaker, the field covered some attacks, attrition whittled the field on the climb, and we had a nice group sprint from a front group for the line.  I ended up 4th which I was happy about — perhaps I will have some chops in the sprints this year at least from smaller groups.

Overall the weekend was a blast — 2 races in 24 hours mixed with awesome team/sponsor hanging and events in perfect weather and a gorgeous setting.  #value and age-group racing at its finest.