Mt. Hood Stage Race Report

Final GC Results: Andy Scott (4th), Conrad Snover (11th), Jason Walker (20th)

Last weekend a small crew of Masters (Conrad Snover, Jason Walker and Andy Scott) headed up to Hood River to test our form and build fitness against a strong field.  With 6 feet of snow on the ground in the Sierra and snow nuking the whole way up we were wondering was it really time to be racing bikes?  Our P12 squad was in full effect, we had a killer house, the weather ended up being SICK, the races and courses were fantastic, and nobody crashed.  Our results were mixed — on the one hand Andy was fourth and we were all top 20 — but on the other hand Jason was 2nd on GC going into stage four and flatted right as the race went ballistic up the first climb so his podium (win?) shot went poof in the ‘that’s bike racing’ twilight zone.  The bottom line, Stage Racing with a TEAM is super, super fun and we are primed for more.  More deets and photos below!

Stage One: Road Race


The Good:

+course, roads, weather, views, organization

+working together on decisive climb and subsequent descent so that we all made the decisive selection of 20 riders, positioned for GC

+at least trying our leadout/spring execution plan to get a stage result

+good debrief and learning from the shank

+double barrel IPA and grilled meatball sammy in Hood River post race

+Honey Milk dude on the hook up — thanks!

+Marc Pro recovery all the time.  Game changer on stage races.  Pump out the pain.  Legs actually felt ok every day. 

+Checking Strava KOM’s and race analysis afterwards (both intra race + w/ P12 cats, fun!)

The not as Good:

-shanking the sprint, no stage result, Conrad and Jason relegated hah hah!

Back to the Good:

Stage Two: Time Trial (11 miles)



+Mt Adams (above day of), beautiful fast course

+Jason’s time put him 2nd on GC, nice!  He slayed it.

+Conrad and Andy also put in relatively good rides that had them lurking around the top 10

+Jesse Miller-Smith loaning Andy his disc — THANK YOU!  That dude is so strong, but so chill.  Is he so chill because he is so strong?  I digress.

-Andy and Conrad’s aero TT position.  Yes, you need to practice this stuff, it matters.  Need to l
earn from Jason!

Stage Three: Downtown Crit



+Jason’s breakaway for most of the race

+Andy going steady and clean at the front and making it uneventful

+Conrad got a good workout ;-)

-Jason ‘giving up’ on the break just as it ended up staying away / counter breaking!

-Andy not covering some late moves  / burning some matches he had that may have ultimately cost him 3rd on GC (vs. 4th) — every second counts

-Conrad suffering a little more than ya like

Stage Four:  Three Summits Road Race


The famous/epic/queen stage.  Pictures speak for themselves.  It was cool.  The plan was for Andy and Jason to ride with GC leaders, see if we could hang and survive, and let the carnage settle after the race and see where we ended up in the shuffle.


+Conrad made the race early in an attack, positioning himself with the leaders at the top of first climb, and helping Andy, and positioning for his stage and 11th place GC Result (note: we debated before and after the race whether Conrad should “ride with us/support in case of flat” . . . we’re pretty sure that even if he’d been with Jason when Jason flatted they would not have caught back on, so we would have been 4th, 19th and 20th vs. 4th, 11th and 20th — but debating and noodling this stuff is what makes stage racing w/ a team fun)

+Andy riding with the leaders as the group got smaller and smaller on each climb, finally finishing 5th on stage good enough for 4th on GC

-As mentioned, Jason’s flat. Terrible luck. Probably cost Jason the podium, maybe even the overall GC win. Andy/Jason were together when it happened.  The split second decision was made as Jason said stick w/ plan, no stopping, you go . . . brutal.