Road work / Truckee area — getting better?

I’ve long since stopped worrying about road quality in the Truckee/Tahoe area, for my car, my bike, anything. I mean, it is the mountains w/ mad snow and freeze/thaw and big snow removal machines grinding the crap out of everything all the time. So, I’m down w/ our tax dollars going to schools and what not vs. perfect roads.

That said, when the roads *are* going to get redone, I of course dig on “shoulder to shoulder” action vs. “just the part the cars drive on”. Highway 267 from Truckee to Kings Beach and 89 to Tahoe City are super prime examples of car surface being about 10x better than bike lane area/shoulder. For 267 southbound on the climb to brockway I usually put myself in mountain bike mode — steep and crazy rutted w/ a passing lane of cars knuckling by is not that sweet on the road, but a challenge.

So imagine my surprise when I rolled out there the other day to ride over brockway and boom shoulder to shoulder repave on all the upper sections. Not only that, I got an e-mail from the DOT telling me when construction delays were on, and confirming shoulder to shoulder action. It was almost too easy ;-)

Of course that night I checked the recording of Giro di Lombardia the last big pro race of the season. In Italy, in the Lake Como area (the “Tahoe” of Europe/Italy). So beautiful. And the roads! Perfectly surfaced. Narrow and serpantine w/ crazy rock walls and guard rails and what not. Did I mention perfectly surfaced? But those dudes are basically bankrupt and mad taxes, hmmm. So, give me crap roads, good schools, but when you repave go ahead and do the whole road including the part for bikes!