Truckee Class I Trail Progress — and YOUR Support

Advocacy makes a difference. Based in part on the efforts of many folks on the team, the community of Truckee continues to make progress towards being a more cycling and non-motorized transport friendly place. It’s not yet Boulder or Portland, but baby steps yo :)

Imagine the scene above in Truckee (gasp!). It’s super easy to get involved, and in a small community like Truckee every voice really does make a difference. If you want to see Truckee become a more cycling/ped friendly place — copy and paste the note below and send it to the Truckee City Council and Tahoe Donner Board of Directors who are getting ready to make some major funding decisions about trails . . . easy to follow instructions are below.



I’m writing to voice my support of the Tahoe Donner paved Class I bicycle/multi use trail as I believe it will be a vital link between the largest population center of Truckee (Tahoe Donner) and the commercial/education/etc. center of Truckee (Old Town/rest of Truckee) and as such will add value for all stakeholders in the Tahoe Donner and broader Truckee community. This includes all use groups for the trail (walkers, joggers, cyclists, etc.) — kids, full-time residents, part-time residents, and VISITORS — linking all groups to BUSINESSES and SCHOOLS in a way that represents the values of Tahoe Donner and the broader Truckee community – non-motorized transportation options, enjoyment of our spectacular natural environment, and community involvement and connectedness.

Thank you for the progress that you’ve made to date and I look forward to toasting the current TD Board and Town of Truckee leadership making further progress on funding and building the trail and your realizing a lasting and meaningful contribution for your constituents!





Mavic Zxellium Road, Fury MTB Shoe and Clothing Accessory Review

Mavic shoes and clothing accessories are simply world class and we are incredibly fortunate to have their support as a Sponsor.

Zxellium Road and Fury Mountain Bike Shoes

Let’s start with the core item — the SHOES — that the entire Marc Pro – Strava team is always rocking in team Mavic yellow colors — the following applies to the Zxellium (road) and Fury (mountain) shoe — which are basically the same except for some sole lugging / cleat patter differences for the Fury which make sense for the Dirt.


Like a glove? Like slippers? Puts a smile on your face when you slip into them? All apply. The padding in the upper is notable and provides incredible comfort without sacrificing performance. Ratchets and straps let you dial the snugness, and adjustments on the fly/bike are a snap. Fits a standard to narrow foot just fine — think Euro/aero/fast. Wider feet? No problem, just size up by one, a lot of guys on the team do this with no problem or sloppiness or clown toe.


Stiff, snug, comfy and LIGHT. Just look at those things, practically floating off the photo. There is a reason top pros are rocking these shoes. One note: they are super cool/breathable. this is great, no hot foot, etc. That said, for cold weather riding, keep that in mind, if you are prone to cold feet consider some toe warmers or warmer socks or booties depending on how far below 60 degreed F the mercury dips. They aren’t supposed to be “hot” — and they are not. You can always add to make ’em warm, but you can’t add less to make ’em cool, so Mavic is spot on here in my opinion.


On the plus side, you can get yellow or black or white — and the things just look cool and scream high end and thoughtful design and care and love. Probably more porsche/F1 than Honda, it is what it is. You may not get 5 seasons of hard and crazy riding out of them, but they are thoroughbreds not donkeys.

Mavic Accessories & Clothing

We are also fortunate enough to wear Mavic clothing accessories like undershirts, socks, and knee warmers (to augment what our awesome core Kit sponsor Castelli wraps us up in — also amazing stuff but for another post).

The net on Mavic clothing is that, similar to the shoes, the stuff feels and performs amazingly good. Like fine Italian suits (Mavic — apologies to the French Mavic, but Italian suits is the metaphor here :) vs. Men’s Wearhouse (cheap bike catalog stuff). No matter how much of an American clod I am, I can get my euro-phile on when I slip into the beautifully cozy and just right insulating/cooling/warming undershirts, just right tight and smooth and grippy knee warmers, and feathery silky socks (that by the way look NAILS w/ the yellow shoes).


Mavic may be better known for wheels — but in shoes and clothing they are making world class product. These products are a fantastic option for any cycling enthusiast, providing top marks across performance, style and craftsmanship. If any or all of those things are very important to you in shoes and clothing accessories, Mavic should be very high on your consideration set! Now if they really did just make some slippers I could wear around the house, oh yeah and some pajamas/loungewear, etc. :)