Marc Pro at your desk, for real

Marc Pro’ing while working is key — recover from your ride and add value at your job. Or spray on social media, or whatever you are doing on your computer.

There are a couple of ways to roll. If you are sitting with the legs out and up and what not like on the floor or on a bed, you can put a pillow on your lap and your laptop on that. Now the issue here is if you are getting a good hit on your mad quads, your computer will be bouncing all over the place. Tough to type, tough to read.

So, you could get a little mini coffee table style rig that sits over your legs — I’ve tried this a bit and it is the ultimate solution — I just haven’t invested in something simple and easy and fast to set up/tear down or whatever — I need a custom hospital bed food tray type thing that is not as high as a coffee table, which is too high. And I’m not going to take over some spot in my house with a crazy work/marc pro zone. But maybe you will.

So, that leads to my desk. Best practices for me:

*slouch in my chair / adjust height of chair to lowest setting to relax/extend legs
*put a pillow under my feet
*use socks to help hold pads on that otherwise want to get pulled off by gravity
*have a pee bottle on hand so you don’t have to disconnect everything when your re-hydration kicks in (i’m a ski mountaineer by trade, and am very down w/ the pee bottle, sorry if it wigs you out)