TS 100 (DNF / double crash)

This is almost embarrassing to write. Well, it is embarrassing. Hopefully nobody reads it. If you’re reading this, STOP. Well ok, so you’re here, this is the lowdown.

This is one of the few races I was going to be able to do this year, for a bunch of reasons. Namely, I did not have other commitments/could do it in one day and the race was in my backyard (vs. say in like Leadville). BINGO.

Unfortunately, I took two hard crashes, full blame on me whatever, and really messed myself up. Thanks to my Mom, Hersch, Wife, Kids, etc. for supporting and helping me get better (oh yeah, and the on course medics and Truckee ER). I rode 65 miles or something and 5.5 hours or something to get out of there, and then got 40+ stitches and all kinds of madness, 3.5 hours in the ER, blah, sob, blah. Thought of Hoogerland a lot. HTFU right. Lesson: don’t crash.

If you wanna see the carnage, bear witness here:

photo 4.JPG