Leesville M123 (DNF). Let's go hunting instead.

Unfortunately there is not a lot to report on this race for me. I love the course and the crazy gravel and hot/bumpy climb and nutty descent and what not. However with that luck plays a role (and skill/bike set up smarts too) but sometimes you flat, and that is a big part of this race.

So, I flatted on the descent. Race over. I am partly to blame here as I was rolling some not that fresh tires. They were Gatorskins, so I thought I was superman. But even worn gatorskins are still worn gatorskins. But maybe I would have flatted on new Gatorskins. I am done writing Gatorskins.

Then, I couldn’t inflate my spare tube/co2 program. All my fault. I am always very careful, I think my tube actually had a hole in it. Either way, my fault.

So, I wait for the sag wagon, yeesh. But wait, what’s this, coming the other way is a pick-up with a bike in the back (and rider up front w/ two dudes). They stop, the next thing I know I’m in the back of a pick up with my bike — and a full complement of deer/boar hunting gear. It is 10am, we are 25 miles from the start (but 40 the other way), on bumpy gravel roads, and these dudes have been hunting for 4 hours, and drinking beer for at least that long too. God bless ’em, thanks for the ride, took an hour+ but whatever.

I learned my lesson and had a good adventure to boot :)