Trip and Surf Journal: Fri 3.29 (day 17)

WATERBOM! (Keira’s big day . . .)

Miss K hit the Seminyak boutiques w/ Mom and melted me down in this number :)

photo 2.JPG

Rando perma notes

1. As always check out the flickr sets and photosteams for more pics — they are linked in the blog menu :)

2. For the surf-y part stuff of these posts — the detailed context/intro is HERE — a series of posts on the surf gig and more.  Used to be one post, and of course turned into a giant post.  Now broken up by days :)  It will probably change again!

Fri 3.29:

Woke up feeling our big night out a bit.  Hit the beach and 8-12 foot beach break close outs were the order of the day . . . Started walking south looking for a manageable peak or shoulder and I”m not gonna lie some slightly mellower conditions to get into.  Took a while to find it, got to practice my duck diving and getting outside skills for sure, and breath holding / hold downs, etc.  Finally found my goldilocks (just right) zone, and it was so consistent I took of on 20 waves in 2 hours which is some kind of record for me.  Short rides but didn’t care.

We checked out of our seminyak villa and plan was hit Waterbom waterslide/park.  Big tourist attraction.  But shockingly well reviewed by all.  For good reason.  It was a blast and they do a good job.  Everyone had a blast — and Keira shocked me by stepping up to the “smash down” slide which is a full on free fall bit — I made Megan video us . . . Keira is a must watch, yes that is cautious Keira doing 50mph dropping 100meters! (first link is me then second is keira following, this vid is of our 3rd time down — when I dropped it the first time I actually didn’t think she was going to do it . . .)


It was super fun, we all got exhausted climbing the towers, and we shut the place down.  Traffic and a quick grocery run later and back at Villa Bayu on the Bukit around 7pm . . . all exhausted but happy on a big day.