Trip and Surf Journal: Fri 4.19 (surf day 26 — Balian Day 4)

Hatching a Plan from Balian post Indo

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This is a morning for figuring things out.  Like calling the ball on getting us out of Indo before our visas expire and into SE Asia for next stuff —  . . . I’ve been monitoring and researching and dealing in general but there is a calculus of money and convenience and crappy internet and how much pulsa on my phone and my bad indo and other language barriers and family comfort and convenience and stress — it is a rad puzzle.  I’ll say it again international travel on a budget is the best school, I am so stoked my kids are getting exposed.  And I can’t wait for their own adventures.  Maybe they’ll take me backpacking someday in a random far out place when they are young adults and I am an even older goon than now . . .  dream on Dad :)

So ideally i’d literally be at Denpasar airport to figure it out but ok here we go gotta call the ball.  3 hours later it is done.  Phones, internet, payments, security, all good, done for now.  We ride May 2 Denpesar to Bangkok.

I get out for super fun 2 hour session and a bali coffee on the beach just trippin and chatting with a fun crew.  I am too worked to join the fam for a bday party at the yoga studio but a really cool hit for them.  I love the waves sound, washing, and so deep in my books — reading things I haven’t been psyched on in 20 years but am now — uh, it’s called literature I think.  Hmmm.

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