Journal: Wedn 7.3. Java Day 6

Triple sessions. Travel hacker. Laser Java. Candlelight dinner (I
really had a BLACKOUT, again!!). Flesh of a beast.

Fun conditions all day, wore me out!! (is this the post?)
photo 3.JPG
Our go to take out local warung 50m from our place
photo 4.JPG
Super chill Batu Karas, so off the grid (our place on the left,
beach/ocean on the right)
photo 2.JPG
Blackout dinner! (sorry hon, it was dark and I didn’t know you’d just
grabbed a piece of the #1 beast! at least you kept it off your clothes
i can’t say the same as i fed like a starved hyena)
photo 5.JPG

I keep waiting to get bored or restless here with so little stress and
dealing (and connectivity to the outside world w/ almost no Internet)!
It’s not happening, yet. Although I will likely rent a motorbike
tomorrow to explore the area a bit, and maybe a few other breaks too
:) But for now the rhythms are predictable but loose, and life is
simple and wild and adventurous but not scary and there is something
for everyone at the end of this road “somewhere on the south coast of
Java” as our place likes to market, they are good.
I surf dawn patrol, then I surf from the beach w/ the fam mid-morning,
then I surf an afternoon session that I know I have no juice for but
it’s like staring at acres of untracked powder on a bluebird day and
all you have to do is climb up to ski it and you know all the days
won’t be like this ever because life is life and nature is nature and
so what if you are spanked and sore and what not, just go . . . first
3x/day sessions. The afternoon session I’m chasing the dragon. I
have just enough juice to get outside and in position for one/best
wave and nail it and it’s a blast. Second ride across the bay of the
day replete now w/ the big boy take off outside the point, etc. Makes
me want to move to the ocean — or some place where surf and
mountain/ski are RIGHT THERE. I’m greedy, SF and Santa Cruz and Sonoma
Coast,etc. NORCAL is amazing. Then I’m dust. I know where I want to
be and the heart and mind are willing and body is done. I’m not good
enough to make it happen when I don’t have turbo juice, and the turbo
juice is gone. I laugh again, peeps who’ve surfed 1000 days can go
all day, just like I can on the mountain, even when pretty dusted . .
. all about efficiency and intel and what not I just don’t have that
skill/experience/BLINK style instinct yet — come so far but it is
what it is and would be wrong if it were any different. Pay your
Challenge in work and blog posting and logistics over e-mail/etc. here
— it’s like 50 peeps sharing a 9600 baud modem. I learn the reset
button the router and a stealthy ethernet cable plug in + using mobile
site addresses on laptop will get me far :) We’ll see how far but
it’s mad progress, I’m not sweating it but hey my Mom and a dog are
out there needing updates!!!
Most of our evenings here, which start early as it’s pitch black by
6pm, feature storms. It’s rad, and tonight we get Laser Java
lightshow in such incredible glory. It is all over us and then the
power is out (it’s been out every day we are here multiple times) —
and then dinner is over candlelight and the storm is raging w/ light
and thunder and nuke rain (sorry I know I write a lot about this but
it’s incredible) . . . Aili is wigging a little but we revel in the
power and beauty and all I can think is we again have the most amazing
local Indo warung dinner in the most amazing setting and together and
savor it.
And finally, again, the trip exposes our root DNA and needs and wants
and desires. We’ve been rolling super inexpensive egg/tofu mostly for
protein at all meals. When an egg/tofu/tempeh is 25 cents and chicken
is $4 it is all in sharp relief. Again it is not the $4 so much on an
absolute dollar scale, it’s the “am I going to pay $4 and get 1
chicken wing coated in syrup sauce touron style” or something. Well,
close to a week in Megan and I are both craving THE FLESH OF A BEAST.
This can’t be replaced, I’m sorry, it just can’t. Skin, fat, MEAT, I
don’t know. We are programmed from back in the day. So we do the
work and figure out how to get a whole chicken bbq/roast for $8. On a
relative basis that is like dropping $50 on a steak at the local U.S.
meathouse. We are so remote and w/ no walking access to wet markets
or ability to cook our own stuff the warung can jack price a little on
stuff but whatever we do it, we drool, it’s insane. Comedy. I guess
we aren’t ready for vegetarian style just yet.