Journal: Thu 7.4. Java Day 7

Surfed out and cut-off — time to explore. Man vs. Bat. Gambling for dinner. 

Scoping empty Batu reef break (and beach!!) for tmrw

photo 3.JPG

Java beauty, this bridge will hold a scooter yeah?

photo 2.JPG

photo 3.JPG

photo 5.JPG

Happy 4th!  Underscores some homesickness from all of us today but still, such a world away.

We are in a routine (day 5) that requires no hassle or stress for fun and food and awesome experiences, it is comfort.  It’s cool.  Some R and R as the local marketers here like to say “Somewhere on the South Coast of Java”.  Play to your strengths and differentiation, nice one.

Super interesting though that today is the day we start to diverge as a family at the same old same old — cuz the same old same old is just that and perfect for the fam (as reported by them) which is awesome.  Usually I have some combination of transport (to other waves / towns / trails / mountains / activities / whatever) and connectivity (to work/planning/logistics) — but I have none of that here and day 5 within a half-klick radius (more like 100m for Megan and kids), and too many people in the pre-Ramadan program a few ants in the pants going on figuratively and literally.

The wave out front is awesome, I’m not “above it” — I’m just ready for something different.  Like, no matter how awesome a certain ski line or mountain to climb or bike ride is — on the fifth day of the same w/ ‘nothing’ else to do but read my book I’d be a little jumpy even in Truckee. Speaking of which I’m loving my book. It is not about that. So, it’s wild to be in these situations and continue to learn about yourself, your family, the inter-play and compromise, the magical puzzle.   Net is I start to get a little restless and Megan and the kids are thinking they want two more weeks here!

It’s all good, and something we’ve balanced throughout the last 4 months.  My desire for a steady stream of adventure / discovery / adrenaline / physical and mental challenge, etc.  We all love those things, I just have an appetite for them that is, uh, not normal :)  We play the trip to the fam denominator of course.  Of course I dream we’ll be doing thru hikes on the PCT or riding bikes across Africa or South America or China or whatever someday this is the stuff I dream about for when the kids are older.  If we do an Odyssey every four years then Odyseey II (if this is I) kids will be (using spring/summer ages) 9 and 11, Odyssey III 13 and 15, Odyssey IV 17 and 19 (Keira having just graduated high school turning 19 on July 24) . . . who knows, as they get older obviously it is not so much just a me/Megan call :)  But ahh, to dream of trekking as a family in the Himalaya and then I (and others?) go for a 8k meter summit?  Or even 7k?  Who knows.

Part of my wandering and rambling is about getting a little surfed out on this wave.  One part is physical, I do 3 sessions again.  The piece of surfing I am not as good at is drinking beer in a hammock when I’m not surfing.  I’d be better at this with a crew, someone.  But my fam doesn’t drink beer and sit in a hammock.

BUT, we break out the backgammon board that Megan scored at a market a while back and that is awesome.  We actually broke it out yesterday and the kids are psyched to learn and Megan is knocking the rust off.  Tonight I want to gamble — loser has to go get dinner/take-out (5 minute errand :)!  The gambling touches me — again it is part of my psyche and make up that is largely on hold as I have NOT been gambling like “me” on this trip — all about family and playing to that risk tolerance and what is right and safe there, not me.  I am not talking about gambling as playing pure blackjack or something . . . but missing the ‘gamble’ in life that goes along with my career and everything I do (entrepreneur, investor, skier/mountaineer, cyclist, blah, blah :)  But just to be in a 1:1 game w/ some stakes, stokes some coals.  Of course I gamble in the water w/ waves and what not but even those decisions have been super conservative as I weigh the consequences of me being hurt/jacked/etc.  Game/trip OVER.  Not right, not about me.

So by 1pm I’m pretty surfed out and the beach is over-zoo’d for our crew and so I rent a motor bike for the wanderlust and practicality.  Go scope the reef break maybe for tomorrow, see more of what is around just soak up and explore the zone, and get to the nearest town for some logistics.

Logistics goals in the nearest town (20 minutes away by motorbike over a shortcut bamboo bridge) are the following

a. hit an ATM because the credit card capability of the hotel is blown out (w/ the power and everything else)

b. find conditioner, toothpaste and a razor for the family (razor is for me)

c. find someplace I can put more airtime/pulsa on my Indo phone to aid in logistics/work/home/strider/emergency/whatever come up stuff!!  Esp critical as no/terrible internet = no Skype.

I dial in a motorbike, $4 for the day including petrol, nice.  I get a map drawn in the sand, DOUBLE NICE!!  I roll.  The reef break is 5 min motorbike ride away.  I could walk there in 20-30m.  Maybe tomorrow.  It is a mid-day / high tide break w/ more pop — but best of all man it is deserted and wild.  Actually a little spooky for me, a dream as an expert but I am not there yet . . . oh that risk matrix I’ve been discussing.  Anyway, it is just an amazing spot and deserted and this core introvert revels in the aloneness and I chill for a while.

I find my way to the bamboo bridge, the scenery on the coast and inland around this river and area is stunning.  I thought I’d be numb to it by now by now, but sorry, it is amazing.  Just like I’ll never tire of magic pics of Tahoe shimmering below steep rails of powder, etc.

I pause before the bamboo bridge on the motorbike.  Pay the 2000 idr (20 cent) toll.  Watch a pedestrian.  Consider waiting to see another motorbike cross it.  The toll dudes are like “drive you pussy” and I’m laughing and they are too.  Away we go.  It’s actually a little technical and I have to get the weight back to make sure I don’t wash out the front tire on the slick bamboo weave . . . but this thing is seriously bamboo woven together for peds and motorbikes, so cool.

Logistics in town are an adventure as always.  3 cell stands later the phone is sorted.  Multiple markets reveal the toiletries.  I avoid the ‘herb’ toothpaste but what is avail I know will elicit groans from the kids.  I swear, the local stuff is just like “Tom’s of Maine” or something — very natural and baking soda-is and (sic) 50 cents for a giant tube!  Seriously, it’s the same stuff.

I also find some of our favorite Indo peanuts!! Later we dream about peanut butter.

ATM, sorry bro.  Out of order.  Whatevs, we’ll sort it out.

The storm cycle is on again, and I blast back to beat it.  Afternoon light under dark skies is lighting up choppy but cool surf, so another session is in order.  It’s short but a blast again, I wish I had more juice for more waves (just one more lap/run!!) (sic) as it were but all good.  The Storm Cycle doesn’t disappoint, another amazing thunderstorm.

Our local bat is getting friendly now, buzzing our patio w/ some fun and aggression (come on dude I’m just setting up the backgammon board!!).  I resist the urge to flail helplessly at the bat.  Then I would just be another kook flailing at a bat.  We play, backgammon, it’s a blast.  The kids can set the board up now, and are psyched to graduate from go fish.  I predict Aili will be the gambler.  We’ll see.