Intro: Decompressed yet? The adventure continues

We are back from the Scott Fam Odyssey 8 weeks now.  After blogging and spraying about our trip and adventure every day for 5 months it was time to decompress/re-compress . . . let it soak in and as mentioned prior see what sticks, what resonates, how we are changed and (maybe more interestingly) how we are NOT.

I have some perspective.  Some, but it’s an ongoing process.  Lot of observations.  I promised myself and others to start blasting them out after 2 months not knowing what was in store wrt taking up our so called lives again as it were . . .

The mix of elation and celebration in the first ~2 weeks back was amazing.  Hugs, downloads, luxury of 1st world, sleeping, trying to get well (me) GI wise, etc.  And the mad wonder and fascination of the 1st world we live in.  It’s like adventure travel in reverse – we got so used to the se asia/indo program that being back in the U.S. was it’s own adventure travel zone.

Like all the best stuff I’ve learned and seen, this was not predicted.   Not good or bad just interesting.  I was in a travel fog at home!  Love it.  Reverse culture shock in full effect.

So many observations and questions and highs and lows, life.  I’ve distilled the relevant journal bits into 10ish observations (ok, some are opinions :) — around the first 8 weeks back, and by popular demand will spray em out over the next few days. Take cover.