Decompressed yet? Part VI: Cafe/resto hang time required?

Here is a $25 entree . . . really?
Per the INTRO, and Parts I – V,  tracking and journaling and distilling how I experience the re-insertion into my life/world/country/friends/community/career/etc. has been fascinating.  90% of it has been duh yeah that is wisdom some other cat wrote about or told you and you read and studied and has been proven thematically around human happiness across cultures, religions, ages, etc. and hey man you really didn’t need to spend half a year a world away w/ your fam to come up w/ these nuggets! . . .  But I’m one of those experiential knuckleheads who loves the personal translation, the living it, seeing it in the journey . . .
Part VI here we go, spraying on cafe/resto/etc. patronage and value and why  . . .
  • Eating out is the default for so much of our social fabric and is a $$ and time rip off depending on your values/kid status/what you want to accomplish during the time of eating or hanging.  Morning coffee to wife date night to business dinner to lunch — sometimes it makes sense to pay for the context and experience that a cafe/resto offers.  But so overblown mostly what you are paying for is focused face time w/ your party and those around.  Not to hate on some of my favorite peeps who are awesome proprietors of great resto’s/etc.  Love it but wow such a ‘default’ decision most of us make w/out thinking that in many ways is not even the best fit for what you and others in your crew you are meeting want to accomplish. Pay more for less?  You are paying for food, food prep, and context/space to see peeps or “be in” solo.  What is your premium for those?  If you know/care about what you want to eat and how much you want to spend on it value wise and and maybe have kids or some other time premium, the resto is not the value play.  If you want special order food experience or special order social experience you can’t dial in at home or in some other public setting, then that is the sweet spot of resto/cafe.  But if you have kids, care about what you’re eating at nutritional level, are focused on $$/nutritional calorie/etc. . . the resto is not it.  This is not mind blowing stuff, but I find our culture just defaults any kind of date or meet up or business meeting to a resto, which is cool — but face time and nature as context a park a bench or a library or just walking activity are much more “free” — just being cognizant of the “why” you have to hit a resto/cafe/etc. for whatever you are doing is straight smart.  Hi, I’ll meet you at the park bench, the park, the viewpoint, the park, the playground, the bike store, the X store, who cares.  I’ll meet you at point X and we will walk to point Y (X),etc.  Facetiming the virtural world, we don’t have to pay a resto/cafe to hang, or sit on a bench or be in a conf room or chairs . . . we don’t have to make eating/drinking the foci around which we spend time (which is rad but not required) . . . the focus is the connection and the time, make sure you need a cafe/resto to make it happen

More to come :)