Decompressed yet? Part VII: Same as it ever was

Per the INTRO, and Parts I – V, and VI tracking and journaling and distilling how I experience the re-insertion into my life/world/country/friends/community/career/etc. has been fascinating.  90% of it has been duh yeah that is wisdom some other cat wrote about or told you and you read and studied and has been proven thematically around human happiness across cultures, religions, ages, etc. and hey man you really didn’t need to spend half a year a world away w/ your fam to come up w/ these nuggets! . . .  But I’m one of those experiential knuckleheads who loves the personal translation, the living it, seeing it in the journey . . .
Part VII here we go, spraying on change (or not)
It might seem like things change super fast in the digital age but in general they really don’t at the business/culture/lifestyle level — like day to day experiences. So many peeps are scared of taking time off and doing something where they miss the next big thing and become irrelevant or something.  That is in your own head. It was in my own head.  We went to the developing world for a half year and came back and (in an awesome/cool/it’s cool way) things are kinda, uh, the same. I thought there would be a more significant change, really.  But all good, my point here is just that you should not NOT travel or peel out for a bit cuz you think the world will pass you by.  Nah.   Coming home, the things most likely changed are you. But that is up to you, of course :)  Adding experience and perspective and intel to all facets of our game via adventure travel is starting to look like a no brainer ROI equation.  For everyone.  Education for kids/development, career and personal development for me/Megan, etc.  The “excuses” for not doing this stuff are almost always around some professional/$$/education for kids/etc. opportunity cost.  More and more I’m not buying that.  There are a ton of awesome reasons to not do crazy family adventure travel, I’m just saying that some of the ‘practically’ cited stuff by most (present company historically included) around parents career stuff and $$ stuff and kids education stuff aren’t holding water for me right now.