Decompressed yet? Part VIII: In a good way, nobody cares (except your mom and dad!)

Per the INTRO, and Parts I – V, and VI and VII tracking and journaling and distilling how I experience the re-insertion into my life/world/country/friends/community/career/etc. has been fascinating.  90% of it has been duh yeah that is wisdom some other cat wrote about or told you and you read and studied and has been proven thematically around human happiness across cultures, religions, ages, etc. and hey man you really didn’t need to spend half a year a world away w/ your fam to come up w/ these nuggets! . . .  But I’m one of those experiential knuckleheads who loves the personal translation, the living it, seeing it in the journey . . .
Part VIII here we go, spraying on how nobody cares (in a good way)!!
With facebook and twitter and linkedin and social media in general and tech bringing all the deets and wins and losses in your life front and center for all to see(literally and in mad color and photos!!!)  it’s enough to make a cat self-conscious or somethin.  But the news flash is nobody cares.  In a good way.  Nobody is trying to hate on you or promote you or whatever based on your digital signature which is just a reflection of your life, etc.  This is good — but the net is don’t wig about being perfect digitally or anywhere else for that matter.  Yeah there might be some random who sprays this or that about a miss or a win or whatever but for the most part NOBODY CARES.  This is good, the peeps who care do care because you touch them and vice versa in ways beyond FB posts or blog posts or whatever.  And beyond that thankfully peeps are busy with their OWN lives.  The interwebs is not enough to suddenly make us all celebs, laws of attention and time will prevent it.  So, consider this your license to get out there and FAIL.  Cuz nobody cares, and those who do have your back, and those who wanna hate are busy too :)
Of course the broader backdrop here is when you’re blogging and spraying — being great is the enemy of good.  Blog style, good is good enough.  Timely and get it out.  Novel?  Be great.  Of course your “just good” bloggin’ might have some issues, and your parents will point them out, they will.  Cuz they read your stuff.  Others?   Not so much :)  Hug your parents. They care!