Can’t hide winter from @StioMountain new fall/winter line, too good :)

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At 42 you’d think the fall stoke for snow and winter would start to fade somehow.  It doesn’t.  This year, it is more powerful than ever.  Perhaps because of the following:

a. the last two sierra winters have been super bony

b. i spent 5 months in indonesia/asia w/ my family mar – aug this past year

c. i traveled A LOT in the last 3 years from the Truckee home base largely in big U.S. cities building my last company — but my latest start-ups are HQ’d in Truckee (more to come on this) — travel will always be required (and in some cases awesome/welcome) in what  I do, but I can see a big winter ahead . . .

It’s because of all three of the above really.  BUT, my general strategy of “pray for a long fall/bike/run/hike/trail season and a binary winter switch w/ minimal transition zone and ignore winter/don’t get teased” is getting thwarted by Stio.

Normally I just lock the winter clothing/gear away until there is adequate base/snow/etc. to rock it.  But Stio product and strategy are working.  The clothing really does cross over beyond pure “tech/snow/skiing/climbing” gear.  Tech and function and style.

It is all I am wearing for town meetings and trail runs and family/friend dinner meet ups and just lounging around the house (I actually have had to PURPOSELY take it off for winter prep chores / outside projects w/ sharp stuff and potential to rip/damage anything not made of modern chainmail — but more on that to come)

So, damn you Stio.  Tongue firmly planted in cheek.  How am I supposed to not pine for winter when all I wear — and want to wear (i.e. lightweight stylie pants/jackets for touring and mountaineering and skating/xc/etc. . .) is begging for winter?

All good, really, great stuff.  Favorite fall pieces for cross over town and activity are pictured and linked above  More to come on the more tech oriented pieces when I have a chance to put ’em through the paces, and for that we need some SNOW!!  All good, and in good time.