Can’t hide winter from @StioMountain new fall/winter line, too good :)

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At 42 you’d think the fall stoke for snow and winter would start to fade somehow.  It doesn’t.  This year, it is more powerful than ever.  Perhaps because of the following:

a. the last two sierra winters have been super bony

b. i spent 5 months in indonesia/asia w/ my family mar – aug this past year

c. i traveled A LOT in the last 3 years from the Truckee home base largely in big U.S. cities building my last company — but my latest start-ups are HQ’d in Truckee (more to come on this) — travel will always be required (and in some cases awesome/welcome) in what  I do, but I can see a big winter ahead . . .

It’s because of all three of the above really.  BUT, my general strategy of “pray for a long fall/bike/run/hike/trail season and a binary winter switch w/ minimal transition zone and ignore winter/don’t get teased” is getting thwarted by Stio.

Normally I just lock the winter clothing/gear away until there is adequate base/snow/etc. to rock it.  But Stio product and strategy are working.  The clothing really does cross over beyond pure “tech/snow/skiing/climbing” gear.  Tech and function and style.

It is all I am wearing for town meetings and trail runs and family/friend dinner meet ups and just lounging around the house (I actually have had to PURPOSELY take it off for winter prep chores / outside projects w/ sharp stuff and potential to rip/damage anything not made of modern chainmail — but more on that to come)

So, damn you Stio.  Tongue firmly planted in cheek.  How am I supposed to not pine for winter when all I wear — and want to wear (i.e. lightweight stylie pants/jackets for touring and mountaineering and skating/xc/etc. . .) is begging for winter?

All good, really, great stuff.  Favorite fall pieces for cross over town and activity are pictured and linked above  More to come on the more tech oriented pieces when I have a chance to put ’em through the paces, and for that we need some SNOW!!  All good, and in good time.





Sprayin on TdF Coverage on VS Network (or whatever its called now NBCSN OLN?)

So . . . I’m no expert on the Pro Peleton from an actual BIKE RACING standpoint, but I do consider myself an expert at watching sports and media after many decades in front of football games — so here comes some early thoughts and spray:

*Matt Goss is the best interview in the pro peleton. Smart, engaging, fun to watch. Even better than Horner. Cav, Farrar, Wiggins . . . god just painful to watch an interview (well, Cav is kinda fun, like train wreck style, like “is he gonna punch Frankie in the face!!”) . . . and then Goss just great, blessed w/ a personality I guess, comfortable in his own skin, not crispy, no work for him, now I have a dude to root for in the Green comp (w/ mad respect for Cav as a racer, sweet jesus)

*Bob Roll is a legit analyst now — 10 years ago more clown than legit — but now an awesome blend of “himself” but polished and intelligent and dialed

*Loving Monninger, solid . . . might put me to sleep over the course of an hour cuz he is so monotone and mellow but his content is rad, and he is of course closest to being a recent pro

*Paul and Phil as always are rocking . . . those guys can narrate my day

*NBC has def 100x’d the production values of the broadcast, just so much smoother and pleasing and entertaining beyond the race itself which itself is rad . . . I wonder if some pro producer isn’t behind a lot of the above?

*I love the Strava ads, damn makes me want to go ride in the middle of the night when I watch my DVR tour broadcasts :)

*Speaking of ads — noticing the quality of brand and ad is much higher — still the direct response “buy my buffalo gold coin” skank like you are watching late night TV — but again I wonder if NBC not having a big impact here because more high end ad dollars at work . . .

*Ariel views of european towns and structures are beautiful . . . compared to tour of california/america it is kind of embarrassing, the arial veiws of the average CA town are like a bunch of boxes and junk, comedy. I’ll have a big mac, a slurpee, a jamba juice, etc. Watching big euro races w/ multi-hour broadcasts just kind of narrates my evening, it’s my cheap culture fix for this dumb american

*Maybe I’m reading too much into things . . . and I love Horner and have mad respect on every level — but are he and Kloden pretty crispy w/ each other still — and is Horner a little bitter at having GC wings clipped? Seems like a Prologue and uphill stage one finish provided all the opportunity he could want to stay a ‘co-leader’ at least — but he dropped mad time on both? So . . . uh, yeah . . . sorry man is what it is

*Am I buying the hype or under the spell of the broadcast or something — or is the green jersey comp actually really compelling even now early in the race, maybe my bike fangeekdom is just fully blooming after 10 years of having a hard time getting excited about the sprinters/points comps

Riding with people — did I hear a Chickadee?

Great views great company great time. My schedule makes it hard for me to hook up with others for riding, but that changed this weekend with a couple of fantastic SOCIAL rides — one on the road around the lake and one epic dirt Chickedee with the crew — loving it.

Beautiful ride around Lake Tahoe with Matt and Nick.

Epic dirt chickadee with Matt, Jamie, Frank, and Conrad (happy NEW Father’s day dog — your first!!)










Pre-Game Meal

This spread from my Mother In Law’s 65th b-day party today looks like something from the football playing training table days – apps and dessert aren’t even in the photo but just as copious  . . . racing University tomorrow and my first thought was I will win or be DFL this is a high-beta meal!  After consuming multiple plates from 12:30 – 2:30pm . . . I am leaning hard towards DFL.

Awesome party for Kristin  . . .


What a Burrito Should Be


No, not that kind. But this post is about a dog attack. By that dog right there, my dog.

Every Monday we ride local trails together. This ride is not about training — at least not for me — he may have other ideas. Its about being outside w/ my dog and spinning my legs out a bit. I’ve sourced a route from my house with plenty of water and shade and views. There is a big swimming hole at the turnaround point that requires a little bushwhack off the trail. He always swims. Sometimes I do too.

Throughout the year he’s learned the route. Conserving energy at times, letting it run at others. I watch him, he watches me. We talk. I try to see the route through the eyes of a dog (soft/shady single track good, exposed gravel bad). I ignore his feeding schedule and make sure he is hydrated and fed, especially around recovery. He tends to ditch his dog bed Monday nights and sleeps next to me on the floor.

So what about this dog attack. Well, typically he likes to trot a little behind pacing himself to me and probably avoiding some dust. He is an 80 pound dog — in good shape but not one of these spindly run forever dogs. He is a great trail companion on foot or bike. He is sweet and non-aggresive — in dog terms ‘submissive’. Yesterday it all changed. Climbing home from the swimming hole he came around me . . . i picked up my pace a bit expecting him to go back . . . he looked back at me like Lance on the Alp and said what you got and away he went! My dog attacked! I gave a half-hearted chase but he wasn’t having it. I could see the confidence and strength in his gait.

He’d put in his time and earned the right and was the lead dog going home. My dog’s first, and best, attack.